LANACare Soft Sleeper in Organic Merino Wool, $87.90-$97.90


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Cuddle your baby in this cozy sleeper gown made of the softest KbT-certified organic merino wool. Clever flip-fold closure at bottom allows for quick and easy changes. Designed by Danish nurse.

  • Made of soothingly soft, KbT-Certified organic wool, meeting Europe’s highest standards.
  • Natural wool fibers breathe, maintaining comfortable sleeping temperature for baby, without over-bundling. Naturally flame-retardant without chemicals.
  • Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet.  When it does begin to feel wet, it remains warm.
  • As wool absorbs moisture & dries, its natural lanolin content removes bacteria & odors, for easy-care.
  • Wash occasionally in LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain hygienic effects and to keep wool feeling soft & supple.

Available Colors

  • Natural White
  • Soft Sand


  • 44  (preemie)
  • 50  (0-3 mo.)
  • 62  (3-6 mo.)
  • 74  (6-9 mo.)
  • 80  (9-12 mo.)
  • 86  (1-2 yr.)

European sizing correlates with baby’s length in centimeters.  Divide by 2.5 to get inches.  Choose size that matches or is greater than your baby’s length.


All LANACare products are made out of the softest KbT-certified organic merino wool. No harsh chemicals or washing agents are used, allowing the wool to maintain its natural lanolin content.  As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin cleanses away bacteria & odors.  When wet, let air-dry.  Wash only occasionally with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap, to maintain wool’s hygienic effects.

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