Guidelines in Choosing a Nursing Pad

Which Style and Size Is For Me?


  • Original - with double layer wool. For warmth & light-moderate leaking. Dry more quickly than "Ekstra". (this style is being discontinued in favor of Softline)
  • Ekstra - with a third layer of felted wool, between 2 layers of Original weight wool, for greater barrier effect and absorption.  We also recommend this style if you have open sores.
  • Softline - the same soft, untreated organic wool, but it is mechanically processed using a new, patented method. This process bypasses spinning and knitting of the wool, making SoftLine pads an economical choice. Recommended for light-moderate leaking.

Guidelines in Sizing

(with understanding that each woman may have individual preferences)

  • Mini (3 1/2 in - 9 cm .) – recommended most often as additional inner layer for very heavy leaking - if opting for this alone, we recommend size XS.
  • X-Small (5 in. - 12 cm) - A or B cup - most comparable in size to disposables, just a tad larger.
  • Small (6 in. - 15 cm) - B, C or D cup – most commonly recommended size - will give full coverage, yet fit inside most bras.
  • Medium (7 in.- 18 cm) - DD or larger, per preference
  • Large (9 in. - 22 cm) and...
  • Oval (7 x 11 in. -18 x 27 cm) - for women who want even more coverage or for those with repetitive plugged ducts in area of armpit. (both Oval & Large are much larger than most women expect, so please check measurements before ordering!)

Many women who choose size Large opt for the Oval shaped pads, which follow the shape of your breast and bra more closely. Choice depends upon where you want more coverage.

To be certain the size you order is what you'd like, please note the measurements of each pad size and gauge against your breast/bra. Certain bra styles may work best with the smaller sizes.

Having breastfeeding problems?

Dr. Jack Newman, world renowned breastfeeding expert and pediatrician, is a great resource if you have no one else to turn to!

Other Uses

Here are some clever uses for your nursing pads, once you’re no longer nursing. They’ve been tested and suggested by customers!

  • For menstrual cramps: Place nursing pad directly against skin, covering your lower abdomen.
  • For back aches: Place nursing pad directly against skin, covering lower back; your panties will help hold it in place.
  • For coughs & colds: Place nursing pad inside the shirt of your child directly against skin for soothing relief.                                                                                                                                                 Tell us about any other ideas you've come up with!