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About Wool

For over 2000 years, man has used wool as protection against the elements!  As wool absorbs moisture, warmth is created. Yet wool breathes and therefore, maintains a comfortable temperature against your skin, insulating against heat & cold.

Natural wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight without feeling wet!  Rain, snow, sweat, breastmilk, baby’s urine …!  When it does begin to feel wet, the feeling is that of warmth, not cold nor clammy.  Wool’s natural oil – lanolin cleanses away bacteria & neutralizes odors!  A dynamic textile.

Merino wool is the softest of wools.   In addition, wool containing its natural lanolin retains its softness – think of your hair when stripped of its natural oils – it also becomes dry & scratchy. 

Many people who believe they are allergic to wool, actually react to the chemicals used to extract the lanolin from the wool!   Without these chemicals, the wool remains soft & supple, and can be worn by many who otherwise find it intolerable.

And wool is naturally flame-retardant!  What more perfect a textile could there be!


The wool used in LANACare & Hocosa products is KbT Certified Organic wool, meeting Europe’s highest standards. This ensures not only that the wool is free of pesticides, but that working standards have been met for those in all stages of production.  The woolens are intended to provide comfort & well-being.

Most Hocosa products are offered in two variations: 100% merino wool (the softest of all wools) or a 70-30 wool-silk blend. The wool-silk blend unites the best qualities of these two natural fibers, creating a truly unique textile. The soft merino wool absorbs moisture, keeping you dry & comfortable.  Silk adds extra softness & durability. Natural fibers breathe, keeping you comfortable in either warmth or cold.