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LANACare Organic Merino Wool Nursing Pads, Style Softline - Interwoven Wool

LANACare Organic Merino Wool Nursing Pads, Style Softline - Interwoven Wool

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Nursing Pads Sizes
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Style Softline - Interwoven Wool Fibers

Every nursing mother wants breastfeeding to be a positive experience for her and her baby. These incredibly soft and soothingly comfortable nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breastfeeding.  They're particularly helpful with vasospasms!

Recommended by Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC, in her book, "Selecting and Using Breastfeeding Tools - Improving Care and Outcomes".

Regular vs Extra

Regular Softline are approximately 1/3 inch think (however, they are very soft and can easily be compressed) and Softline Extra are approximately 5/8 inch thick, again, easily compressed between thumb and finger. 

It's difficult to compare exactly how much one absorbs over the other, since there are individual factors that play in, like strength of let-down reflex.  
If you have any issues with leaking, we always appreciate customers reaching out to us, so we can try to help find a solution for you. 

For women suffering cracked, sore nipples, we recommended Hocosa Wool-Silk Liners/Pads as an extra inner layer directly against skin.

 Combo Sets - 2 pairs of pads/1 bottle of soap  (15% discount)

Guidelines in Sizing 

(with understanding that each woman may have individual preferences)

  • Mini (9 cm - 3 1/2 in.) – recommended most often as additional inner layer for very heavy leaking - if opting for this alone, we recommend size XS.
  • X-Small (12 cm - 5 in.)- A or B cup - most comparable in size to disposables, just a tad larger.
  • Small (15 cm - 6 in.) - B-DD+ cup – most commonly recommended size - will give full coverage, yet fit inside most bras.
  • Medium (18 cm - 7 in.) - F or larger
  • Large (22 cm - 9 in.) and...
  • Oval (18 x 27 cm - 7 x 10 in.) - for women who want even more coverage (these are much larger than most women expect, so please check measurements before ordering!)

Many women who choose size Large opt for the Oval shaped pads, which follow the shape of your breast and bra more closely. Choice depends upon where you want more coverage.

Oval - intended for women with repetitive plugged ducts in area of armpit.

To be certain the size you order is what you'd like, please note the measurements of each pad size and gauge against your breast/bra. Certain bra styles may work best with size XS & Small.

When in doubt, we recommend size Small - it will fit within most bras, yet give most coverage.  Style Softline can even be reshaped into a slight oval shape, if the lip of the pad comes over the edge of your bra. 

What makes LANACare Nursing Pads Superior to Cotton or Disposable Pads?

  • Most women need only 2 - 3 pairs and 1 bottle of Lanolin Soap for the entire nursing period. Economical, in the long run, compared with the repetitive cost of disposables. And environmentally friendly!
  • Wool wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable, even in warm climates. When the pads do feel damp, they still feel warm, not cold and clammy as with cotton or disposable pads.
  • Your skin is kept dry and able to breathe, helping relieve soreness. Since LANACare pads contain lanolin, use of lanolin ointment is a perfect combination of treatment for sores associated with breastfeeding. Many women have claimed that once they began using these pads, their soreness began to improve and breastfeeding “turned around” for them.
  • Scandinavian midwives have, for centuries, advised mothers to keep their breasts warm to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. Larger sizes give protective coverage over greater a portion of the breast.
  • With the larger size, compared to smaller disposables, the edge of the pad falls further back on your breast, making pads LESS noticeable through clothing.
  • Great, non-medicinal remedy for Raynaud’s/vasospasms! The gentle warmth of the wool keeps blood vessels dilated, preventing the pain and discomfort caused by vasospasms.  
  • Natural fibers of wool allow skin to breathe, maintaining a comfortable temperature even in warm climates. Moderates temperature, for comfort even when moving between hot outdoor climates and cold air-conditioned inner climates.
  • Variety of sizes and styles to suit each woman’s needs!
  • Women LOVE these nursing pads – how often do you hear that about a nursing pad??


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