About LANACare

LANACare pure natural woolen products were developed by a Danish nurse, Jeannette Almstrøm.  Having also a professional background in textile & design, she found the perfect combination for her talents.  Each item is designed to promote health & well-being, and to provide the soothing comfort & breathable warmth that only pure wool can give.

Careful sorting and selection is  made in choosing the wool used for LANACare products. Only wool that meets Europe’s highest ecological standards is used. It is tested to prove that it contains no harmful substances, receiving the Oeko-Tex Certification of Austria’s “Institute of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology”, as well as KbT Organic Certification and GOTS.  No pesticides have been used on the fields where the sheep graze, nor have any harsh chemicals been used to wash the wool.  Only the most incredibly soft & finest of this organic merino wool is selected to use in LANACare products – you won’t find a softer natural wool. “The best of the best”!

LANACare products have been tested to show that they contain no dust mites – a growing concern as a cause of allergies.

For those considering themselves allergic to wool, many actually react to the chemicals used to extract the natural lanolin from the wool, not the wool itself.  No such chemicals are used on LANACare wool, in reality making it hypo-allergenic.

Natural wool maintains a comfortable temperature next to your skin.  Wool’s natural fibers breathe, unlike synthetics.  And wool is naturally flame-retardant! What more perfect textile could you choose when considering your baby’s health?

LANACare was started in 1991, originally in Denmark.  Jeannette now lives & works in Lithuania, passionate about finding new sustainable materials for use in new products  – promoting not only the health of the individual, but that of our Mother Earth.