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HOCOSA Unisex "Sport" Organic Wool Long-Underwear Pants, in RED

HOCOSA Unisex "Sport" Organic Wool Long-Underwear Pants, in RED

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HOCOSA of Switzerland

Long-underwear pants in 100% wool, GOTS-certified organic merino wool, for Men or Women (no fly).    "Sport" is simply a name given by HOCOSA to designate that they have Unisex sizing (Sizing of XS-XL refers to Men's size - correlating Women's size within parentheses).

  • Made in Switzerland of soft, organic merino wool.
  • Natural fibers breathe, maintaining a comfortable temperature in warmth or cold.
  • Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet, keeping you dry & comfortable.
  • As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin is activated to remove bacteria & odors.
  • Light-weight, yet warmth-giving under-layer.

Sizing  -  Size designation is "Men's", comparable Women's size in parentheses.

  • XS (=Women's S, size 8) 
  • S  (= Women's M, size 10)
  • M (= Women's L, size 12)
  • L (= Women's XL, size 14)
  • XL (= Women's XXL, size 16)

Size comparison to Women’s Pants:  Hip & Waist Measurements of correlating size, for example, size 10 US/European 40, is comparable.  Length of Unisex Pants is 1 inch longer.

Size comparison to Men’s Pants with Fly:  Waist measurement on Men’s Pants with Fly is 2 inches wider than Unisex;  Length of Unisex Pants is 1 inch longer than Men’s Pants with Fly.

Fabric stretches width-wise 6-8 inches. 

For women who would like smaller sizes, please see Children's, sizes 152-164.  Size 164 equal in length to XS, but are 2 inches more narrow in hips.

HOCOSA has not been able to give us sizing charts, so we have instead measured the garments lying flat to give some guidance in sizing.   Length & your US size will give best guidance - garments stretch easily widthwise. 

 ** Measurements of garment in lying flat in un-stretched state. 
Fabric stretches easily width-wise, even beyond stretching ability of waistline.
Waistline elastic can be comfortably expanded an extra 6-8 inches in diameter.

Size Waist   (Garment Measurement) ** Hip   (Garment Measurement) ** Inseam Full-length;
side seam from waist->ankle
XS 24 in 34 in 30 in 40 in
Small 26 in 36 in 31 in 41 in
Medium 28 in 38 in 32 in 42 in
Large 30 in 40 in 33in 43 in
XL 32 in 42 in 34 in 44 in


More about HOCOSA ...

To maintain the health and longevity of your garments, organic wool is best washed by hand.  Many modern woolen items are treated with chemicals to allow them to tolerate machine-washing.  Certified organic wool does not contain such chemicals.  Some washing machines have a special wool-cycle, which maintains a lukewarm water temperature throughout the wash and rinse cycle, as well as minimizing agitation of the garment, which can lead to felting/shrinking.   See Caring for Wool

We recommend hand-washing with Kookaburra Wool WashBottle of Kookaburra Wool Wash

  or LANACare Lanolin Soap with even more lanolin, 7.5%. The higher lanolin content is recommended for nursing pads & diaper covers, or to add even more softness to your woolens and to prolong the self-cleansing properties of the wool.

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