Collection: For Warmer Weather - Kids

Summertime Apparel for Kids

Danish Woolen Delight searched long and hard to find a brand offering organic cotton clothing, which matched our mission & style, and found just what we were looking for with Swedish GEGGAMOJA (pronounced Geggamoya).  Most items are for babies & toddlers, but there are also items that fit kids.

GEGGAMOJA offers high-quality GOTS-certified clothing - practical, comfortable, made to last ... 

Swimwear gives coverage and protection from sun.  SPF 50.


HOCOSA Organic Wool and Wool-Silk Shirts can also be comfortably worn in the summer months - wool's breathable, temperature-regulating properties keep baby comfortable in warmth or cold. 

HOCOSA organic merino wool undershirts add a light-weight under-layer to help keep kids comfortable while playing outdoors or as a cozy garment for sleep.