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Disana Organic Merino Wool Sweater for Babies/Toddlers

Disana Organic Merino Wool Sweater for Babies/Toddlers

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Care Instructions
Disana of Germany
More colors coming late Summer/Fall!

This wonderfully soft sweater, for little ones, is made of soft GOTS-certified merino wool.  Because of the wrap closure at the front, it's easy to put on the sweater, even if the child is in the lying position. 

Tagua nut buttons along the outside edge, with a button fastening on the inside, provide a secure closure.  No button is pinching when baby is on their tummy, or while crawling and playing. 

The sweater is knit in such a way to be especially "elastic" and to easily stretch with every movement. 

Wool weight 330 gm/ square meter. 


European sizing correlates with baby/child's full-length in centimeters (divide by 2.5 to get inches)

  • 50/56  (0-3 mo.) = 19.5 / 22 inches
  • 62/68  (3-6 mo.) = 24.5 / 26.75 inches
  • 74/80  (6-12 mo.) = 29 / 31.5 inches
  • 86/92  (12-24 mo.) = 33.75 / 36.25 inches
  • 98/104 (3-4 T) = 38.5 / 41 inches

Care of your Disana woolens

  •  Hand washing is always best for organic wool, in cool to lukewarm water. 
  •  Specially formulated wool-wash helps maintain wool's unique properties. 
  •  Wool's self-cleansing properties prolong need for washing - simply let it  air out between wearing. 
  •  Washing before first use is not necessary with GOTS-certified wool. 
  •  After washing, roll in terry cloth towel to press out excess water.
  •  Help garment regain its shape and elasticity by pulling into shape, if necessary.
  •  Dry lying flat or over drying rack, out of direct sunlight (which can discolor natural wool).
  •  Do not use bleach.
  •  Do not tumble dry.
  •  Iron on low setting, if necessary.
  •  Do not dry clean. 

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Made in Germany by Disana. 

Wool sourced in Argentina, spun in Europe. 

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