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DISANA Organic Merino Wool Baby Blanket

DISANA Organic Merino Wool Baby Blanket

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Disana of Germany

This organic merino wool baby blanket is made from wonderfully soft, beautifully knitted GOTS-certified organic merino wool.

Perfect for snuggling and cuddling.

We purchased these items from a US-based store that closed its doors.  It's a brand we're excited to trial!  We'd love your feedback! Thanks!


100 x 80 cm (approx 40 x 32 in.)

Made in Germany by Disana.

More about Disana ... 

To maintain the health and longevity of your garments, organic wool is best washed by hand.  Many modern woolen items are treated with chemicals to allow them to tolerate machine-washing.  Certified organic wool does not contain such chemicals.  Some washing machines have a special wool-cycle, which maintains a lukewarm water temperature throughout the wash and rinse cycle, as well as minimizing agitation of the garment, which can lead to felting/shrinking.   See Caring for Wool

We recommend hand-washing with Kookaburra Wool WashBottle of Kookaburra Wool Wash

  or LANACare Lanolin Soap with even more lanolin, 7.5%. The higher lanolin content is recommended for nursing pads & diaper covers, or to add even more softness to your woolens and to prolong the self-cleansing properties of the wool.

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