HOCOSA Women's/Unisex Baselayers

HOCOSA Women's/Unisex Wool, Wool/Silk or Cotton/Hemp Baselayers

Swiss-made HOCOSA Women's Baselayers are are available in GOTS-certified Organic Merino Wool or in a 70/30% Wool/Silk Blend.

Organic Cotton/Hemp Blend is KbA-certified.

HOCOSA's "Sport" designs are intended to be Unisex and fit either Men or Women.  100% wool items available in Natural White.  Wool/Silk Unisex items available in a variety of colors.   (click here for Men's)

"Sport"/Unisex pants are longer than Women's style, for comparable sizing. 

See sizing chart on product page for garment measurements. 

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