Collection: Hats for Adults

LANACare & GEGGAMOJA make hats that also fit adults.

A baby's head has reached 90% of its adult size by the age of 2 years - at this age the sutures & fontanelles (soft spots) have closed.   Which is why hats can have the wide age range of 6 yrs & up (Geggamoja Organic Cotton Hats) and 9 yrs & up (LANACare Organic Merino Wool Balaclavas).   With LANACare Balaclavas, much of the variation with the larger sizes is in the length of the "bib" or facial opening. 

Both companies use textiles meeting GOTS-Certification - Global Organic Textile Standards. 

GOTS-certification gives you the peace-of-mind that what lies next to your skin meets the highest possible standards for organic textiles.  It also dictates ethical work standards and sustainable practices. 

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