HOCOSA Men's/Unisex Baselayers

HOCOSA Men's/Unisex Wool or Wool-Silk Baselayers

Swiss-made HOCOSA Wool Baselayers are are available in GOTS-certified Organic Merino Wool or in a 70/30% Wool/Silk Blend. 

HOCOSA's "Sport" designs are intended to be Unisex and fit either men or women.  100% wool items come in Natural White.  Unisex wool/silk items available in a variety of colors.  (click here for Women's)

"Sport"/Unisex pants in general are more narrow and longer than Men's pants with fly, for comparable sizing.   Unisex pants do not have fly opening. 

See sizing chart on product page for garment measurements. 

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