GEGGAMOJA Summer Styles

GEGGAMOJA Summer Styles are made to be comfortable and practical for your baby, while offering protection from the sun's strong rays. 

Even during the warm months of summer, it's important to keep a hat on your infant's head- as adults, we don't think about the protection our hair provides - Geggamoja's light-weight pilot-style hats offer this breathable extra layer, while covering and protecting tender ears from wind. 

Geggamoja's Sun Hats are designed to stay on your little one's head - even when those summer breezes blow and catch the rim of a hat, like a kite.  The elasticized base keeps it snugly in place, and ties add an extra assurance it will stay in place.   This summer's hats are made of a blend of light-weight bamboo and organic cotton, for breathability and comfort. 

Bamboo is an environmentally-sustainable textile choice.  It is grown organically without any pesticides and is 100% biodegradable.  Bamboo is soft and comfortable against your skin and, like other natural textiles, allows your skin to breathe.  Its thermo-regulating characteristics, like in wool & silk, makes it feel warm when surrounding temps are cold, and cool when it’s warm – a perfect textile for clothing.