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Geggamoja® Bamboo/Organic Cotton Baby Leggings - COOL DUDE DOGS

Geggamoja® Bamboo/Organic Cotton Baby Leggings - COOL DUDE DOGS

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Geggamoja® of Sweden

Geggamoja® Snap-Bottom Body Shirt in 67% Bamboo/27% Organic Cotton/6% Elastane, with Cool Dude Dogs!   Background color greenish-blue.                                                                      

Bamboo is an environmentally-sustainable textile choice.  It is grown organically without any pesticides and is 100% biodegradable.  Bamboo is soft and comfortable against your skin and, like other natural textiles, allows your skin to breathe.  Its thermo-regulating characteristics, like in wool & silk, makes it feel warm when surrounding temps are cold, and cool when it’s warm – a perfect textile for clothing. 

  • Made with soft GOTS-certified organic cotton & buttery soft bamboo blend.  Elastane gives slight stretch for comfort..
  • Snap-closures at neckline.  
  • Arm cuffs can be kept down or folded up, to allow for child's growth. 
  • Machine wash, warm.  (40 C°/ 104° F)                                          


       Match with Natural White Ruffle Snap-Bottom Shirt or Cool Dude Dogs Snap-Bottom Shirt. 


         (European size is based on baby's length in centimeters - see below)
      • 50/56  (0-3 mo.)
      • 62/68  (3-6 mo.)
      • 74/80  (6-12 mo.)
      • 86/92  (1-2 yr.)

        Conversion to height in inches

      • 50/56  (0-3 mo.) = 19.5 / 22 inches
      • 62/68 = 24.5 / 26.75 inches
      • 74/80 = 29 / 31.5 inches
      • 86/92 = 33.75 / 36.25 inches

      Geggamoja is a Swedish brand known for their practical and comfortable, yet stylish children’s clothes.  Many of Geggamoja’s designs are intentionally gender-neutral.

      All our customers who buy Geggamoja are pleasantly surprised by the great quality - made to last, and be passed on from child-to-child!

      Swedish Design. Made in Turkey.

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