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OUTLET DISANA Organic Merino Wool Sleeveless Sleeping Bag for Baby

OUTLET DISANA Organic Merino Wool Sleeveless Sleeping Bag for Baby

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Care Instructions
Disana of Germany

This classic "tuck-in sleeping bag", made entirely of soft GOTS-certified merino wool, guarantees sweet dreams and a good night's sleep.

The leg and belly areas are knit entirely in a left/left knit, giving it an "elasticized" effect, while the chest and shoulders are made of fine honey-comb knit. 

Extra row of tagua nut buttons allow for adjustable length, as baby grows.

Wool weight 450 gm/ square meter. 

Two Sizes

  • Size 1 - Garment Length 60 cm (approx 24 in).  Newborn to 9-12 mo.
  • Size 2 - Garment Length 75 cm (approx 30 in).   Age 1-2 yr. 


  •  Hand washing is always best for organic wool, in cool to lukewarm water. 
  •  Specially formulated wool-wash helps maintain wool's unique properties. 
  •  Wool's self-cleansing properties prolong need for washing - simply let it  air out between wearing. 
  •  Washing before first use is not necessary with GOTS-certified wool. 
  •  After washing, roll in terry cloth towel to press out excess water.
  •  Help garment regain its shape and elasticity by pulling into shape, if necessary.
  •  Dry lying flat or over drying rack, out of direct sunlight (which can discolor natural wool).
  •  Do not use bleach.
  •  Do not tumble dry.
  •  Iron on low setting, if necessary.
  •  Do not dry clean. 

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Made in Germany by Disana. 

Wool sourced in Argentina, spun in Europe. 

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