ManyMonths® Sizing

NewComer is 0-3/4 months of age and 50-56/62 cm long (20-24.5 in). He is SOO cute! Great at sucking and keeping your finger in his hand. Has a gorgeous smile and a big voice. Makes different kinds of sounds already from 2 months of age. Looks at you with love. Can keep his head up in the end of the period. Growth is rapid and clothing that is size adaptable is a big advantage during this period. Organic quality is especially important to sensitive babies.

Charmer is 3-6/9 months of age and 62-68/74 cm long (24.5-29.5 in). She has a beautiful smile and is practising her voice. During this period she is learning how to sit upright by herself.

 Explorer is 6-12/18 months of age and 68-80/86 cm long (27-34 in). He is crawling around exploring the floor and everything in reach. He takes his first steps and learns how to use the spoon for feeding himself. Maybe says his first words as well.

 Adventurer is 1-2/2,5 years of age and 80-92/98 cm long (32-39 in). She is no longer a baby, but a toddler and much more mobile than earlier. She has unlimited energy, imitates your behaviour and is able to follow instructions. The Adventurer can already undress simple clothing by herself.

Conqueror is 3-4,5/5 years of age and 98-104/110 cm long 39-44 in). He has a great sense of humour and is very active: jumps, runs, races, climbs, throws balls… all day long. He enjoys the company of his friends. And he asks questions, easy questions and difficult questions, embarrassing questions and fun questions. Might give you a new perspective on the world as well. The Conqueror can dress with a little help from you.

 Innovator is 5-7/7,5 years of age and already quite tall: 110-122/128 cm (44-51 in). She can count, cut with a scissor, catch a small ball, use a swing all by herself and blink with just one eye. Innovators play together with complicated rules they have made up by themselves and the clothes they wear certainly makes a difference. It’s a time of active learning and it does take no time at all to learn new rhythms, rhymes and lyrics. Mommy’s little darling is getting big.

 Enthusiast is 8-10 years of age and growing fast: 128−134/140 cm (44-56 in). He is very active and has lots of energy. Socially and emotionally this is a significant time period. The Enthusiasts want to feel accepted and worthwhile and like encouragement over competition. Joining groups and spending time with peers is very important, and the Enthusiasts are easily motivated and eager to try new things. Keeping warm and comfortable during all (new) outdoor hobbies is where ManyMonths® comes in.

Lionheart is an evolving adolescent, 10-12/13 years of age and has grown to be 140-152/158 cm tall (56-63 in). The body changes rapidly at this age, growth spurts are common, and the brain needs time to adjust. Lionhearts gain increased reasoning abilities and are gradually beginning to grasp abstract concepts. They are trying to establish their individuality and are often distancing themselves from their parents. but still, need mummy/daddy to wake them up in the morning and remind them to brush their teeth at night. Not sticking out is important to many and thus the Lionheart-sized clothing is based on essential, classic items. Family activities help Lionhearts develop a strong sense of self – enjoy the outdoors together!