Caring for Wool Diaper Covers

  • In addition to the general care instructions, here are some directions specific to the woolen diaper covers.
  • Wash & rinse in lukewarm water only.  Cold water, as well as hot, can shock the wool fibers, causing the wool to felt and shrink.  Hot water will melt & rinse away lanolin in wool (which provides self-cleansing properties).
  • Change diaper cover with each inner diaper change, even if it feels dry.   This will prevent leaks.  Alternating between 3 will allow ample drying time between changes. When the cover begins to smell of urine even when dry (approximately 10 changes…), it is time to wash.  The lanolin has been used up.
  • Rinse the diaper cover first in lukewarm water.  The wash in lukewarm water, by hand, with enough Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to keep the water sudsy.  Swoosh gently.  Let the woolen cover soak about 15 minutes to allow the lanolin to penetrate the wool fibers.  For stool, rub small amount Lanolin Soap directly on spot.  Rinse as below.  You may add a small amount of your favorite hair-shampoo or gentle soap to the lanolin soap water if you would like.  LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap has no added fragrances.
  • Rinse in lukewarm water.  Squeeze out water, then roll in a terry-cloth towel and press out excess water.  You may also place in washer on spin cycle to centrifuge out excess water for quicker drying.
  • Place to air-dry or over mild heat source for quicker drying.