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Swiss HOCOSA long-underwear for men and women in organic merino wool or wool/silk blend. 

Danish LANACare balaclavas and wellness items in soothingly soft organic merino wool.

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Certified Organic Merino Wool Clothing for Baby and Toddler 

HOCOSA of Switzerland and Danish LANACare.

Blankets, Sleepers & Mattress Pads in Soothingly Soft Certified Organic Merino Wool.
Baby Caps, Balaclavas, Mittens, Booties & more
for Baby/Toddler in Organic Merino Wool.
HOCOSA of Switzerland 
Danish LANACare

Balaclavas in Soft & Soothing Organic Merino Wool for Baby, Kids and Grown-Ups! (Size 9-14 yr / Large fits adults).
HOCOSA of Switzerland
100% Organic Merino Wool, Wool-Silk & Cotton-Hemp Baselayers
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Certified Organic Merino Woolens for Kids
HOCOSA of Switzerland & Danish LANACare.
Organic Cotton Clothing
LANACare Organic Merino Wool Items to Keep Your Feet Warm.

 Geggamoja (prounounced Geggamoya) is one of our favorite Swedish words – there's no one word in English to describe it, but a close translation would be “children's playful muck & yuck” – it invokes images of carefree children playing their hearts out in mud puddles, finger paints, you name your favorite. 

The clothes are too cute to use for such games, but they embody the carefree spirit of kids.

Many of Geggamoja’s designs are suitable for both boys and girls. One of Geggamoja’s biggest aims is to produce products as responsibly and sustainable as possible, hence many of their garments are made of materials certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

A variety of hats in Organic Cotton or Super Soft Organic Merino Wool
for Babies, Kids & Adults

Select items in soothingly soft, organic merino wool - intended to promote comfort,  health and well-being for those that wear them.

Swiss-Made Organic Merino Wool & Wool/Silk Long-Johns for Entire Family
- and now also organic cotton/hemp blend.
Valentine's Day Special - 25% off RED items.
Certified Organic Merino Woolens for Kids
HOCOSA of Switzerland & Danish LANACare.
Organic Cotton Clothing

Kookaburra Wash is ideal for all your washables, including woolens, fleece and down pillows, sleeping bags and sheepskin products.  

Kookaburra products contain no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or alkali, which makes them perfect for people with skin sensitivity. 

Components are ...

Borron SE-G, Borron TF355, Borron SAF  (surfactant/degreaser - plant based fatty alcohol)
Tea Tree Oil
Coripol BZN (lanolin)
Coripol DX 1202 (Surface lubricant/softener)
Floral Essence
Lavender AG171292. (Unscented – no added scent)

Soothingly Soft Organic Merino Wool Products, designed & made by Danish nurse.

Soothingly Soft Organic Merino Wool Apparel for Baby and Toddler by LANACare.
Soothingly Soft Organic Merino Wool Nursing Pads -
Provide Best Conditions for Successful Breastfeeding
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Springtime Clearance color on LANACare Sweaters, Baby Caps, Balaclavas and more ...

Soothingly soft long-underwear for entire family, by HOCOSA of Switzerland, in organic merino wool, wool/silk blend and organic cotton/hemp blend.

LANACare Super Soft Organic Merino Wool Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding Women - A World of Comfort for Mother & Baby...
Luxurious Kids' Sweaters in Organic Baby Alpaca

Light-weight, breathable, warmth-giving long johns and other woolens for men and women in soft organic merino wool or wool/silk blend, by Hocosa of Switzerland.

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Woolen Diaper Covers/Soakers in Soothingly Soft Certified-Organic Merino Wool, by LANACare
Overalls, Hats, Sweaters & more
for Baby &Toddler
in Soothingly Soft Organic Merino Wool.

 LANACare Premature Baby Collection - Soothingly Soft Certified Organic Merino Wool Apparel

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Choose from these products, specially formulated for cleaning your woolens.