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LANACare Bed Socks in Organic Merino Wool for Children




Soothingly warm bed socks made of KbT-certified organic merino wool.

  • Double-layer wool, with seams sewn outwards to prevent irritation against skin.
  • Wool gives warmth, yet breathes, to maintain comfortable temperature against skin.
  • Wool’s natural lanolin provides self-cleansing properties for easy care.
  • Soothing for those with impaired circulation or healthy feet!


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Product Description


Bed socks, made of double-layer of soothingly soft KbT-certified organic merino wool.

Especially beneficial …

  • For those with decreased circulation in lower extremities
  • For those with wounds on feet or  legs (may be used over dressings to help increase circulation to site, while still allowing skin to “breathe” for healing)
  • For those with impaired mobility to lower extremities, to help keep feet warm and to serve as extra cushioning to help prevent pressure sores (seam is sewn towards outside to prevent areas of pressure inwards.)
  • For those simply wanting a warm, cozy sock to cuddle in!

Sizing Guidelines

Size Foot Length
Children Small 6
Children Medium 7
Children Large 8

These products are intended as a complement, not a replacement, to traditional medical treatment. They are meant to sooth and promote health, not to cure diseased conditions. Please contact your health-care provider for any medical advice on an existing medical condition. The “recommended” uses listed under each product reflect their use in Denmark and do not claim to be research-based nor to comply with current medical standards/advice given in the U.S.A.


All LANACare products are made out of the softest KbT-certified organic merino wool. No harsh chemicals or washing agents are used, allowing the wool to maintain its natural lanolin content.  As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin cleanses away bacteria & odors.  When wet, let air-dry.  Wash only occasionally with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap, to maintain wool’s hygienic effects.



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