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NANGA of Austria

NANGA Boiled Wool Slippers for Children - Dark Blue

NANGA Boiled Wool Slippers for Children - Dark Blue

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NANGA of Austria

Dark Blue Boiled Wool Slippers 

These cozy, comfortable slippers are made from 100% organic wool. They keep your child's feet warm with a double layer of wool hugging the ankles.  The soles are made from 100% natural rubber and very durable.

Foot-covering is made of boiled wool, with double-layer wool around ankle.

Wool is temperature-regulating - making these slippers comfortable in either winter or summer.  They are soft, light and flexible. 

We purchased these items from a US-based store that closed its doors.  It's a brand we're excited to trial!  We'd love your feedback! Thanks!

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