LANACare Preemie Soft Sleeper in Organic Merino Wool


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Cuddle your baby in this cozy sleeper gown made of the softest KbT-certified organic merino wool. Clever flip-fold closure at bottom allows for quick and easy changes. Designed by Danish nurse.

  • Made of soothingly soft, KbT-Certified organic wool, meeting Europe’s highest standards.
  • Natural wool fibers breathe, maintaining comfortable sleeping temperature for baby, without over-bundling. Naturally flame-retardant without chemicals.
  • Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet.  When it does begin to feel wet, it remains warm.
  • As wool absorbs moisture & dries, its natural lanolin content removes bacteria & odors, for easy-care.
  • Wash occasionally in LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain hygienic effects and to keep wool feeling soft & supple.


All LANACare products are made out of the softest KbT-certified organic merino wool. No harsh chemicals or washing agents are used, allowing the wool to maintain its natural lanolin content.  As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin cleanses away bacteria & odors.  When wet, let air-dry.  Wash only occasionally with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap, to maintain wool’s hygienic effects.

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