For Warmer Weather - Baby

Summer Styles for Baby & Toddler

Danish Woolen Delight searched long and hard to find a brand offering organic cotton clothing, which matched our mission & style, and found just what we were looking for with Swedish GEGGAMOJA (pronounced Geggamoya). 

High-quality GOTS-certified clothing - practical, comfortable, made to last ... GEGGAMOJA's aim is to produce clothing as responsibly & sustainably as possible.  Many of the styles are gender-neutral.  They test the durability of the clothing on their own kids - to make sure they hold up to their rough & tumble carefree play!

HOCOSA Organic Wool & Wool-Silk Body Shirts and Baby Caps can also be comfortably worn in the summer months - wool's breathable, temperature-regulating properties keep baby comfortable in warmth or cold. 

Head coverage is important for infants, even in warm weather.   They can lose up to 90% of their body heat through their heads - they lack the hair coverage older children have.  Plus, their ears are more vulnerable to wind, because of the angle of their tiny ear canals.  HOCOSA wool & wool-silk pilot style baby caps give protective coverage, yet breathe to maintain a comfortable temperature against baby's skin. 

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