KOOKABURRA Wash for your Wool Clothing & Delicates

Kookaburra Wash is ideal for all your washables, including woolens, fleece and down pillows, sleeping bags and sheepskin products.  

Kookaburra products contain no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or alkali, which makes them perfect for people with skin sensitivity. 

Made in US. 

Components are as follows:

Borron SE-G, Borron TF355, Borron SAF  (surfactant/degreaser - plant based fatty alcohol)
Tea Tree Oil
Coripol BZN (lanolin)
Coripol DX 1202 (Surface lubricant/softener)
Floral Essence
Lavender AG171292. (Unscented – no added scent)

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