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Geggamoja® MRS MIGHETTO "STELLA" Baby Pants , in Soft Bamboo/Organic Cotton

Geggamoja® MRS MIGHETTO "STELLA" Baby Pants , in Soft Bamboo/Organic Cotton

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Made by Geggamoja® of Sweden in collaboration with Mrs Mighetto Storybook Characters

Buttery soft, light-weight baby pants with favorite character "Stella" - in 67% bamboo/27% organic cotton/6% elastane.   

Bamboo is an environmentally-sustainable textile choice.  It is grown organically without any pesticides and is 100% biodegradable.  Bamboo is soft and comfortable against your skin and, like other natural textiles, allows your skin to breathe.  Its thermo-regulating characteristics, like in wool & silk, makes it feel warm when surrounding temps are cold, and cool when it’s warm – a perfect textile for clothing. 

  • Pattern by Mrs. Mighetto.
  • Wide, soft waistband - 2 ½ in (50/56) to 3 ½ in (86/92) wide, can be left up or folded over, to gently hug baby's tummy.
  • Solid color contrasting waistband and cuffs at ankles.
  • Soothing bamboo gives extra comfort during warm summer months. 
  • Two front pockets, one back.
  • Machine wash, warm.  (40 C°/ 104° F)                              


         (European size is based on baby's length in centimeters - see below)
      • 50/56  (0-3 mo.)
      • 62/68  (3-6 mo.)
      • 74/80  (6-12 mo.)
      • 86/92  (1-2 yr.)

        Conversion to height in inches

      • 50/56 = 19.5 / 22 inches
      • 62/68 = 24.5 / 26.75 inches
      • 74/80 = 29 / 31.5 inches
      • 86/92 = 33.75 / 36.25 inches

        Geggamoja is a Swedish brand known for their practical and comfortable, yet stylish children’s clothes.  Many of Geggamoja’s designs are gender-neutral, for either boys or girls.

        Mrs Mighetto is a Swedish brand which started in 2014.  Initially, it offered personal and unique posters created with inspiration from a fictional fantasy world filled with magic.  Over the years, it expanded to children’s books, wallpaper, textiles and indoor decorations.   See more here 

        Swedish Design. Made in Turkey.

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