Collection: Hocosa of Switzerland - Babies & Kids

HOCOSA Baselayers in 100% Wool, Wool/Silk or Cotton/Silk Blend

HOCOSA Woolens are made with KbT/GOTS-Certified Organic Merino Wool.  The Organic Cotton is KbA-Certified.  This gives you the peace-of-mind that what lies next to your child's skin meets the highest global standards for organic textiles.  It also dictates ethical work standards and sustainable practices. 

Wool is an amazing textile!  Wool's breathable natural fibers maintain a comfortable temperature next to your skin in warmth or cold.  It absorbs moisture without feeling wet, and once damp, still feels warm.  Wool's self-cleansing properties mean the garments don't need to be washed each time they've been worn - just throw over the back of a chair overnight, and they'll be fresh and clean in the morning.   They can often go weeks without washing!

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