GEGGAMOJA® of Sweden

Swedish GEGGAMOJA Organic Cotton & Cotton/Bamboo Clothing

 Geggamoja (prounounced Geggamoya) is one of our favorite Swedish words – there's no one word in English to describe it, but a close translation would be “children's playful muck & yuck” – it invokes images of carefree children playing their hearts out in mud puddles, finger paints ...  you name your favorite messy fun. 

Geggamoja's provide comfort & well-being, to allow kids' carefree spirit to run free.

Many of Geggamoja’s designs are suitable for both boys and girls. One of Geggamoja’s biggest aims is to produce products as responsibly and sustainable as possible, hence many of their garments are made of materials certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Words from the founders - Geggamoja® is a little different in more than one way. We are committed to only make clothes and products in designs we love to see our own children dressed in. Our research department consists of our sons - they love playing with mud, snowball fights, skateboarding and bike riding. They can be rough, so their clothes need to be tough. We aim to produce all products as responsibly and sustainable as possible. We stay true to our own feelings about what is right and what is not. For families as well as for business, Geggamoja founders and owners are sisters, neighbours, moms and ... fun-loving.