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LANACare Daytime Diaper Covers (Soakers) in Soft Organic Merino Wool

LANACare Daytime Diaper Covers (Soakers) in Soft Organic Merino Wool

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Woolen Diaper Cover (Soaker) in soft KbT-Certified organic wool. Natural textile fibers breath, to minimize diaper rash. Ribbed leg-openings. Adjustable waistline, sizes L-XL, accommodate snug fit.  Double-layer panel where baby wets most.

  • Made of soothingly soft KbT-certiftied organic merino wool..
  • For use over inner cotton or hemp diaper.
  • Double-layer felted wool panels where baby wets most.
  • Natural lanolin content removes bacteria & odors.
  • Wash as needed by hand with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain hygienic effects.
  • 3 covers in each size recommended.

See also Diaper Covers NIGHT for heavy nighttime wetters or extended periods between changes .


  • XS for less than 7 lb. (< 3 kg)
  • Small for 7 - 13 lb. (3-5 kg)
  • Medium for 12 - 20 lb. (5-9 kg)
  • Large for 20 - 30 lb. (9 - 13.6 kg)
  • X-Large for > 30 lb. and up (> 13.6 kg)

Read a story About Woolen Diaper Covers  by LANACare's founder, Jeannette Almstrøm


All LANACare products are made out of the softest KbT-certified organic merino wool. No harsh chemicals or washing agents are used, allowing the wool to maintain its natural lanolin content.  As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin cleanses away bacteria & odors.  When wet, let air-dry.  Wash approximately every 10th change with LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap, to maintain wool's hygienic effects.

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