HOCOSA Kid's Organic Cotton/Silk Underwear Pants


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Made by HOCOSA of Switzerland.

These soothingly soft underwear pants are made from a blend of organic cotton and silk.  For those who are unable to wear wool, this is a soft, soothing option as a warmth-giving underlayer.   See also shirts

  • Made in Switzerland of 50/50 blend of organic cotton/silk.
  • Two natural fibers unite their very best characteristics.
  • The blend of fine silk and soft organic cotton is warmer and softer than cotton alone and easier to clean than pure silk.
  • Silk is temperature-regulating and feels soothing against sensitive skin.
  • Cotton is breathable, durable and long-lasting.
  • Machine washable. 


European sizing is based on your child's full height in centimeters.  

Choose the size that most closely matches your child’s height or taller, for example, if your child is 110 cm, buy size 116.

Last digit of size roughly correlates to child's age.

  • 104 = 4 yrs = 41.5 in.  
  • 116 = 6 yrs = 46.5 in.
  • 128 = 8 yrs = 51 in.
  • 140 = 10 yrs = 56 in.
  • 152 = 12 yrs = 61 in. 
  • 164 = 14 yrs = 65.5 in.


    We recommend hand-washing with Kookaburra Wool WashBottle of Kookaburra Wool Wash

      LANACare Lanolin Soap with even more lanolin, 7.5%,  is recommended for nursing  pads & diaper covers, or to add even more softness to your woolens.

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